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Holt International is looking for Occupational Therapists to facilitate training for the Child Nutrition Program in multiple countries. The Child Nutrition Program is a nutrition and feeding intervention based on a training of trainers approach and this program is currently operating in India, Ethiopia, China, Mongolia, Haiti, Vietnam, Uganda, Haiti and the Philippines. The goal of this program is to support children to grow and thrive within our communities.

As part of growth and sustainability plans for this program, we are interested in finding more technical experts within the countries where we are growing. We are looking for country nationals (in the above countries) who are occupational or speech therapists or have related professional experience. These consultant roles would support the feeding and positioning training portion of the Child Nutrition Program. We are interested in specialists with some experience in speech or occupational therapy or related therapy and who have an interest in working with infants, children and children with disabilities. Currently the Child Nutrition Program is operating in community, foster care and institution-based care settings with children of all ages and development levels. These consultants would work with in-country program managers to become country-level trainers and provide ongoing support to sites around feeding and positioning for children. These consultant positions would also include roles in the ongoing training, scaling, monitoring and evaluation of programs. Anticipation of 1-5 weeks of work annually, program dependent.

Additional information can be provided about specific programs and opportunities to interested therapists. Please feel free to contact me at Emily DeLacey at and please CC Michael Quiring at

More program information can be located here. https://www.holtinternational….

Open Access to Holt International’s Feeding and Positioning Manual: Guidelines for Working with Babies and Children www.holtfeedingandpositioningm…

PUBLISHED:24 Mar 2020

EMP. TYPE:Sessional

SALARY:Local hire rates, varies with experience and location.

CONTACT: Emily DeLacey MS, RDN, LDN, Director, Nutrition Program, Holt International

WEBSITE:Visit Website (External) ↗

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