AHE-HAOT: une contribution collective engagée post séisme

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The executive Council and members of the Association Haïtienne D’Ergothérapie/Haitian Occupational Therapy Association (AHE-HAOT) want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has walked alongside us during this time of crisis through prayers, well thoughts, funds, etc. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on August 14th leaving devastating damage in the southwestern portions of the country. In response, a group of 24 occupational and physical therapy students from FSRL set out to assist with relief efforts. The students had a successful week of assisting at three locations: Diquini (Adventist Hospital) in Carrefour, Fondation Tous Ensemble – Rehabilitation Center (FONTEN) in Les Cayes, and a facility in Port de Piment. In addition, Consuelo, an OT and member of the association resides in Les Cayes and has been on the front lines of recovery/relief efforts since minutes after the earthquake occurred. Consuelo is the founder/director of FONTEN and worked alongside 10 of the students. The Haitian Association of Occupational Therapy assisted with raising funds to support the students, Consuelo, as well as other occupational therapists and organizations conducting relief efforts. We cannot give enough thanks to all those who provided funds to assist in the relief efforts. We would like to provide an update of the past 1-2 weeks and provide information regarding upcoming efforts!

Partner Locations

Les Cayes
The students partnered with Consuelo/FONTEN. Together they assisted three sites: The Mormon Church, Brenda Strafford Hospital, and the Temple of the Jehovah Witnesses. The students assisted with organizing supplies, preparing hygiene kits, distributing purchased water bags, assessing the needs of the three partner sites, and purchased and distributed food. In addition, the students assisted with wound care and management, assessment of orthopedic conditions, and provided pain management to individuals injured in the earthquake. 

Port de Piment
Students partnered with a rehabilitation center in Port de Piment. During the week, the students assisted in assessing orthopedic needs in the community, distributed kits consisting of food, soap, detergent, etc., conducted surveys on people’s health and assessed adaptive devices.  

Diquini (Adventist Hospital)
Alongside Emerson, an physical therapist graduate of FSRL and director of Centre Universitaire Tèt Ansanm (CUTA), the students assisted with mobilizing fractures prior to patients receiving orthopedic surgeries, assessing orthopedic needs of the patients, and assisted with wound care and management of patients.

If you would like to donate to our needs please do so here through our website and Paypal:  http://ahe-haot.org/en/donations/donation/

Funds Received and Distributed
As of August 18th, AHE-HAOT had received $3,233.00 towards earthquake relief funds.
The funds AHE-HAOT received were immediately sent to those on ground in Haiti for use towards relief efforts which was a huge help and blessing!

$300 – Student group in Les Cayes 
$300 – Student group in Port de Piment
$400 – Consuelo/FONTEN 

What’s Next?? 
AHE-HAOT is beyond excited to be able to continue to help with relief efforts. Currently, the association will be assisting two organizations that are actively involved with earthquake relief efforts. 

1.     Fondation Mont Carmel – $300
Medgine Carnes, an occupational therapist and member of the AHE-HAOT, will be a part of a group providing assistance to individuals in the Nippes department (Anse-à-Veau, L’Asile, Baconois). The group will be packaging and distributing hygiene kits, tents, sheets, and first aid products. 

2.     Espere Community Counseling Center – $500

Espere is an organization that provides much needed counseling services within Haiti. They have had teams assisting with mental health needs in the south since shortly after the earthquake struck Haiti. They will have teams working throughout the affected areas for at least the next month. A few of the counselors/psychologists will be working with churches, organizations, and other community groups to offer individual and group counseling services. In addition, they will be conducting trainings on trauma, coping skills, and trauma-informed care. 

AHE-HAOT has contacted the Office of Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities to inquire how we can assist in helping individuals with disabilities who were directly affected by the earthquake. The association will continue to partner with occupational therapists and organizations assisting with relief efforts.

World Federation of Occupational Therapy AHE-HAOT received a letter of support from the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT) and we would like to extend our thank you for this kind gesture. The WFOT also sent a letter of support to the Ministry of Health on behalf of international therapy. Our partnership and work with WFOT have been extremely beneficial over the years and we are appreciative of their support during this difficult time.
The message of gratitude is in this smile. Mesi Anpil!

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