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Faculté des Sciences de Réhabilitation de Léogâne

The Faculty of Sciences of Rehabilitation of Léogâne (FSRL), Episcopal University of Haiti (UNEPH) is searching for an Occupational Therapist to join the faculty as Coordinator of the Occupational Therapy program.

Background of FSRL

The Faculty of Sciences of Rehabilitation of Léogâne (FSRL), is led by the Episcopal University of Haiti (UNEPH).  FSRL opened its doors in October 2015,  and the first cohort is expected to graduate on December 15, 2019.   The objective of FSRL is to have Haitian citizens qualified in Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) who will engage in their profession of rehabilitation for the well-being of Haiti.  FSRL adheres to international standards for a bachelor’s degree for both OT and PT.

FSRL offers the only professional program for occupational therapists in Haiti. There is just one other Physical Therapy program here.   Your leadership in this period of growth will be exciting and professionally rewarding !


Primary responsibility: Ensure the continuity of classes, from day-to-day, in accordance with the established curriculum.:



Ensure the continuity of classes specific to OT, from day-to-day, in accordance with the established curriculum.:

• Share the planning and support for the classes that are shared between OT and PT

• Teach a course, or individual classes within a course, as needed

• Prepare academic support materials as needed in advance of classes

• Facilitate the use of technology (laptop, projector) if needed

• Welcome foreign volunteers and Haitian teachers

• Orient teachers to their teaching tasks as follows:

  • Document student attendance, assign and collect homework performance, and keep track of student participation
  • Prepare and administer exams for mid-terms and finals
  • Grade the course and submit grades to the Registrar

• Prepare make-up exams , if necessary for students who have not passed a course

• Ensure that the transcripts of grades are complete

• For fourth-year OT students, support the final research project.


• Assist the  dean and the other administrators and teachers to maintain high standards in education, training and services;

• Prepare reports upon request of academic activities

• Consult with the dean  on accreditation / external recognition

SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS IN Occupational Therapy

• Present a positive role model for the profession         

• Help students cope successfully with academic and professional situations if needed         

• Refer to the Coordinator of Student Affairs or to the Dean, if needed


• Attend faculty and staff meetings

• Attend all appropriate FSRL activities during the week


• Occupational therapist with at least two years of work experience

• Master’s degree

• Teaching experiences at university level

• Use basic computer software easily (Word, Power Point, videoconference)

• Able to speak and teach in French and English (Haitian Kreyol will be an asset)

• Ponctual and respectful

• Flexible, with good ability to collaborate with a team


• Location: the FSRL campuses, Rue Barrier Red 2. Leogane, Haiti. HT6210         

• Duration: 40 hours / week         

• Close collaboration with our Haitian Dean        

• Collaboration with the Clinical Coordinator         

• Collaboration with international partners such as therapists from the United States, Quebec and Vancouver, Chile, and Haiti         

• Collaboration with the Academic Committee of the Haiti Rehabilitation Foundation (HRF)         

Start of work: Start date is negotiable , but no later than December 1, 2019

Duration of work : the initial contract will be for one year , and it can be renewed 

An interview, in person or by videoconference, will be required.

NB: It is suggested that the candidates come to visit, and that they participate in a week of teaching, with remuneration, before signing an annual contract.


  • Lodging and meals on campus in a dorm room, at no charge
  • Minimal salary:  500 US $ per month
  • One round-trip flight from and to your home each year (within reasonable limits)


  1. Curriculum vitae / CV ,
  2. Cover letter, explaining your interest in FSRL
  3. Photocopy of the diploma from your most advanced academic degree
  4. Two letters of recommendation from a colleague or supervisor, sent as an attachment directly to   (not forwarded by the candidate)
  5. The national identity card or foreign passport must be presented at the interview: the date of birth and number (NIF or passport ) will be recorded by the FSRL.

Send the CV, your cover letter, and the photo of your diploma to

Reminder:  Please ask your colleagues or your supervisor to send their letters of reference / recommendation directly to

Contact: (509) 2817-9518 (Miss Lafleur)

in the United States or Canada, 315-708-5820 (Dr. O’Flynn) : Miss Miselene Lafleur , Administrator : Dr. Janet O’Flynn, OTD, Dean


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